Feel like you're in school again? Let's see how much you remember about your alma mater. If you attended any classes at all you will get 4 out of 10. If you hung out at school a lot you should know 8 out of 10. If you get 10 right consider yourself a Normandy expert!
1) Who was the Principal in 1979?
Jon Ellefson
Paul Dury
Frank Kirby
Luther Baker
2) Who was the Class President?
Darren Boykins
Christy Richardson
Anecia Maytubby
Kathy Daniels

3) Who was voted most likely to Succeed?
Gayle McCauley and Kingsley Leggs
Christy Richardson and Darren Boykin
Bernard Knox and Karen Wilke
Darren Boykin and Liz Clark
4) Who were the only Twin teachers?
David Parr and Donald Parr
Paul Durham Greg Durham
Keith Berra and Greg Berra
Clem Worthy and Keith Worthy

5) Who was the Valedictorian?
Karen Wilke
David Keller
Liz Clark
Nancy Jones
6) Who was voted Best Personality?
Anecia Maytubby and Kingsley Leggs
Gayle McCauley and Kingsley Leggs
Karen Wilke and David Keller
Terry Schottmueller and David Betlach

7) Who was Crowned Homecoming Queen
Anecia Maytubby
Claudia Stevenson
Betsy Rands
Lisa Adam
8) When was Normandy's 1st Graduation Class?

9) Who was voted best dressed?
Darren Boykins and Sheila Stewart
Kingsley Leggs and Kathy Daniels
Anecia Maytubby and Danny Carter
Anecia Maytubby and Kingsley Leggs
10) What football Team did Normandy play for the Wagon Wheel?
McCluer North